Floodland combines management and survival in a flooded world

The PC game is a city manager set in a flooded possible post-apocalypse

Floodland is a city manager in a world ruined by climate change

Floodland is a city manager in a world ruined by climate change

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Post-apocalyptic worlds are recurring scenarios in the most diverse genres of games, but while many touch on ideas such as zombie infestations and nuclear wars, but flood land goes in a more realistic direction, offering a future ravaged by climate change and flooding caused by melting ice caps. It’s a scary world because it’s so possible.

Set in this catastrophic future, the game combines elements of city management with survival in a devastated, waterlogged Earth. Without resources, electricity, communications or even much space, the world’s population has been reduced to island communities.

rebuild society

The player takes command of one of these communities, a nomadic band that must organize themselves into a society, produce tools to fish for food, and build from there. The funny thing is that many of the people under his command are not survivalists, but professionals like journalists or publicists who have to learn how to be farmers and fishermen.

The game challenges you to build all the infrastructure of a city, starting with sticks and tents, but gradually acquiring resources such as food, medical care, security (there are other gangs and they are not all friendly), until you manage to meet the basic needs of the community and from there rediscover and give new uses to technology. Of course, resources aren’t plentiful, forcing the player to choose what to prioritize at every moment.

The player can decide multiple paths to a new society in Floodland

The player can decide multiple paths to a new society in Floodland

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As usual in post-apocalyptic scenarios, in Floodland the environment is not the biggest danger, but other human groups. Each pack has its own ideas of how the world should be from now on. Some may want the return of democracy, others a dictatorship with the air of medieval society, etc. Trying to keep the peace is not always a viable solution.


Floodland is an engaging strategy and management game because it presents a terrible world that can happen, sooner or later. It’s always fun to think about how to survive in such a scenario, if the player can thrive in a devastated (or flooded, in this case) world. But it also leaves a warning to think about how not to reach this scenario.

Flood zone - Note 8

Flood zone – Note 8

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PC exclusive, Floodland arrives November 15 on Steam.

πŸ‡§πŸ‡·This analysis was performed using a copy of the game kindly provided by Ravenscourt.

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