she would have manipulated everyone

At present, Celine Dion talk about her a lot. Despite herself. Lately it’s son health which was at the heart of all the discussions. Indeed, since the loss of her husband and her brother, the superstar has experienced difficult times and her Holy do not stop deterrent🇧🇷 Notably because of its muscle spasms🇧🇷 More recently, it’s his relationship with René that has been the source of some questions, especially through the book Celine Dion, the real story🇧🇷 A passage in fanl is about the age at which the superstar fell in love of her dear and tender husband. Today, new revelations were made by a journalist.

Who is Pepe Munoz?

In 2016, Celine Dion was struck by death of husband son, René Angélil. But some time later, she gladly appears with one of her dancers, Pepe Munoz. The latter would help him, in particular, to prepare. From this follows a whole new look, which surprises his fans. What is the true nature of their relationship? Celine Dion seems to have fun, at this time, to cast doubt. Marc Andre Lemieux, journalistgive, in the book Celine Dion, the real storyhis version of the facts. “She knows how to talk about her”, writes the journalist.

🇧🇷 I remember that a little later, during a press event in the Browns store in Montreal, she was asked about Pepe. New photos of the two released to appear and he was asked if he is in love🇧🇷 Before answering, Céline turned to her team and said: ‘I knew it was okay hookedI knew that these photos were going to work”. Everything was planned. A way for the singer to talk about her, neither more nor less.

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