Sonic Frontiers runs at dynamic 1800p on Xbox Series X and PS5 if you want 60fps

Sonic Frontiers is finally available. To mark the moment, Digital Foundry turned its tools to Sonic Team’s work to uncover the technical details. There are 9 different versions that are available in the market and almost all of them have their own specificities.

Developed with the Hedgehog Engine 2 engine, Sonic Frontiers bets on open areas, dynamic time of day and various weather conditions. This is something that in itself sets it apart from anything that has come before it. The Sonic series has been expanded and it’s clear that’s the foundation for the future of the series.

There’s a lot here to put smiles on your face, but there’s also a lot to hone. The visual pop-up is aggressive, lots of objects appear out of nowhere in front of you, and you often see parts of the scenarios forming as you run through the scenarios with Sonic.

By creating 10 different versions, Team Sonic presents a variety of combinations between resolution and performance, which can completely change your experience with Sonic Frontiers:

  • PlayStation 5 – native 4K at 30fps or dynamic 1800p at 60fps
  • Xbox Series X – – Native 4K at 30 fps or dynamic 1800p at 60 fps
  • Xbox Series S – Dynamic 1440p at 30 fps
  • Xbox One X – Dynamic 1800p at 30fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro – dynamic 1080p at 30 fps
  • PlayStation 4 – dynamic 1080p at 30 fps
  • Xbox One S – Dynamic 900p at 30fps
  • Nintendo Switch connected – Dynamic 720p at 30fps
  • Handheld Nintendo Switch – Dynamic 480p at 30fps

Something to keep in mind is that despite the One X running at a higher dynamic resolution than the Series S, the current-gen console features several visual enhancements that aren’t on the last-gen machine.

Additionally, Digital Foundry notes that the Nintendo Switch version received so many visual cuts and the resolution is so low that it can interfere with the fun. Poor image sharpness and lower visual settings make it difficult to visually read scenarios and enjoy the game.

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