Migrants rush out of stadiums ahead of FIFA inspections: new scandal in Qatar – World Cup 2022

A new report prepared by ‘Equidem Research and Consulting’, a human rights consultancy, says migrants who worked on the construction of the stadiums that will host this year’s World Cup in Qatar, were hastily removed from the works before inspections.. by FIFA, so that they could not complain about their working conditions. The report, quoted by the ‘Daily Mail’, also claims that two people died in the stadium which will host the final, including one from last year, and that there were human rights violations. in the works of any premises, including physical ones. punishment when workers do not behave as expected or complain about conditions. Migrants were also forced to work during the confinement due to Covid-19.

Qatari officials have previously considered this report “completely unbalanced”, representing only one side of the story, but the document incorporates testimonies from migrant workers, who reported the situations. A Nepali man who worked at the Lusail stadium, which will host the final, said: “The company purposely set off a fire alarm. When we heard it, we all left. . Then we got on buses and they took us.”

He continued: “At first we thought it was fire alarms. Everyone has passed out. But after that happened two or three times, people stopped going out. then started checking if there were still people inside. If someone was caught hiding, they either went home or saw their pay cut.

The investigation was based on the testimonies of 60 migrants who worked in stadiums in Qatar. Equidem Research and Consulting contacted 982 workers, but most refused to talk about their experience for fear of reprisals.

Death at Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium workers reported seeing two men die. One was from Bangladesh and died in March 2019. “It was just a few days after I started working there. He fell from a height equivalent to a fifth story. It made me nervous. I was always checking my belt, the expiration date. I was always very careful.”

A Chinese worker is said to have died in the same stadium last year. Another migrant said: “He fell from a height of about 25 metres. We heard that he was not moving when he was taken to hospital. They said the belt had come off. detached, which resulted in the fall.”

According to the investigation, there were human rights violations at all premises. A Kenyan worker said he regularly suffered physical abuse from his superiors. “They beat us in front of other workers to force us to work faster or finish what we were doing. We couldn’t complain because they were our superiors.”

Migrants were also forced to work during the lockdown. “I tried to stay at home but the company ordered me to go to work. Everyone in Qatar was in lockdown and I was scared because of the coronavirus. I was sent to several places and I ended up getting covid.And they didn’t treat me right,I got sick.I had a fever and horrible body aches.

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