Lenovo introduces the world’s first laptop with an expandable screen

Regarding the latest developments in the technological field, there are already smartphones on the market with folding screens. And although this novelty is appreciated and acquired by a niche of consumers, these are innovations that can be extended to other products and in other ways.

So, the Chinese Lenovo showed what is the first laptop with an expandable screen.

Lenovo introduces the first laptop with an extending screen

The Chinese company Lenovo has released a video showing what will be the world's first laptop with an extendable screen. The presentation was revealed by Luca Rossi, Executive Vice President of Lenovo Group, as part of the World of Technology 2022🇧🇷

The executive begins by referring to existing technologies in the market with folding screens, such as computers and smartphones, specifically mentioning the Motorola Razr, which is part of the company. It also indicates that the Chinese brand has invested heavily in flexible OLED screens, showing the concept of a smartphone with a drop-down screen that extends in length, so that the user can have a small device, adjusting them every time. than necessary, without having to have a bigger phone.

In this way, Luca Rossi adds that this technology opens the doors to other possibilities, later showing this same concept, but applied to a laptop.

In the video we can see this same computer with the extendable screen, whose dimensions increase as soon as the user deems it necessary. Concretely, this Lenovo prototype is able to go from its 12 inches to 15.3 inches with a simple button on the side of the device.

For now, this PC is just an idea and as such does not mean that it will go from that to production. But it remains an interesting concept, allowing the existence of smaller products which are then adjusted according to the needs.

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