Lara Fabian – A missile sent to Celine Dion at the worst time

If Lara Fabian heard from Florent Pagny, who would be in remission after a fight against lung cancer, on the other hand, she has no word for Celine Dion would not be on top.

The two singers would not appreciate each other. The Belgian singer would also have launched a scud that the Quebecer would not have appreciated.

“When I found out that another of my collaborators was recently ill, I haven’t stopped writing to him since”, named the ex-coach of The Voice during an interview with 50 min Inside, in reference to Florent Pagny.
“Every week, I send a little note to this great gentleman. I write to him all the time (…) he does not let go, ”she said, moved, reassuring that her friend is better and that is resting in Patagonia.

In contrast, Lara Fabian had no word for Celine Dion, which she had accused career last year of having broken her American.
And according to the magazine Ici Paris, she had recently translated a missile to him by posing with Pepe Munoz, Celine Dion’s accomplice, on social networks. The Spanish dancer to participate in the Star Académie in Quebec.
The widow of René Angélil, a pair weakened by violent muscle spasms, and perhaps even by a more serious illness, would have taken it badly.

“A shot that must have pissed off her best enemy, Céline, since Lara appears there, more beautiful than nada in a very sexy black dress, alongside a certain Pepe Muñoz! Yes, you read that right ! Pépé, Céline’s little favorite! “, indicates the publication.

And to continue: “Their rivalry would even have reached its climax since, today, they would be fighting over the same man”.
After that, Celine Dion cut ties with Pepe Munoz and she could still get revenge once she’s back.

“So Pepe, take care, there’s nothing worse than revenge for a wounded woman.”

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