Santa Claus and “his fairy”

You don’t stop progress, as they say among the “open-minded”.

Lily Santa Claus parade in the streets of Montreal on November 19 has just eliminated the star fairy who is so feminine, so kind, so reserved and so sociable to replace her with Barbada, the drag queen of the hour in Quebec.

This spectacular caricature of the woman is the pure product of the imagination of the imagination of supposedly emancipated males, which produces the most banal stereotypes of the female body. With a face made up to excess, a dress with a deep cut, false nails with lacquered claws and a voice with hysterical tones, this transformation of the artist is apparently all the rage.

This Barbada, born Sébastien Potvin, has real multiple talents from which she gives the benefit of the youngest children whom she bewitches and fascinates by telling them stories in libraries and public daycare centers in Quebec.

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It is well known, apart from the hateful of drag queens, as Barbada describes its detractors, Quebecers are ready to accept anything.

In the next televised parade, Quebec children could say goodbye to the star fairy, this old thing from the time of the triumphant patriarch. Exit this heterosexual nunuche, Santa’s assistant, whose nasty adult tongues whispered that she was gratifying the old man on his decline with little treats thanks to his magic wand.

And also finished the stereotypical fairy who reassured the little ones, frightened by Santa Claus.

With this ideology of inclusion and diversity, let’s not be surprised if a few years from now we see a more choppy, more girlish Santa Claus, and, who knows, maybe in a faux fur bathing suit, obviously, sitting in an allegorical float in the parade where the role of the star fairy will be reserved for the man.

Obviously, the feminism of LGBTQ progressives in the future ahead of him.

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