“I wanted to pay in cash and they didn’t let me”: the law does not allow it, but there are stores that no longer accept these payments – Fora de Campo

DECO says this could exclude the most vulnerable consumers and plans to seek a sanction from the Bank of Portugal

Digital prophets say that within five years (at best), a generation, or even two, go, cash purchases in physical stores will end. Resistant to new technologies – I didn’t give in to the MB Way, I never made home banking payments, I never ordered a meal from Uber Eats or called a taxi via an app – he It’s hard to imagine a world of cash registers without coins and notes. But the coming era contradicts me and other analogues: it’s called cashless, which means cashless transactions. In Portugal, there are already examples, albeit timid, since the pandemic. We went to test them, wallet in hand and card in pocket. Read the full article at Saturday🇧🇷

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