Fiocruz shows AL has seen moderate growth in covid cases

Global covid spike linked alert for Brazil. Although it seems that the disease is over and people are more “relaxed” with care, the virus still exists. Last Friday (4), Fiocruz published a new bulletin and showed that Alagoas had a moderate growth in cases.

According to the bulletin, 10 of the 27 federative units showed moderate growth in the long-term trend through week 43: Alagoas, Amazonas, Amapá, Bahia, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Pará, Paraíba, Pernambuco and São Paulo. In most of these states, the increase is mainly concentrated among children and adolescents.

However, it does not only focus on children and teenagers. In Alagoas, Amazonas and Pernambuco, however, growth is also observed in the adult population and in the age groups above 60 years.

Also according to the bulletin, in Alagoas and Pernambuco, laboratory data still do not allow to deduce if there is a predominance of a specific virus.

Maceió is also among the 12 capitals that show moderate growth in the long-term trend up to the same period. In most growing capitals, this is mostly concentrated among children.

Infectious disease specialist Fernando Maia points out that vaccination has played a key role in reducing covid cases.

“If it hadn’t been for the vaccination, we would be hands on head with a much higher number of cases than what we have today. Vaccination has been very important to reduce the number of cases and above all to reduce severe forms and reduce covid deaths,” said Fernando Maia.

“When we stop vaccinating, we endanger our health and also that of the people around us – whether at home, at work or in our cohabitation”, warns infectologist Fernando Maia.

Some points that contribute to the increase in cases are: the delay in doses, the relaxation of people regarding the use of the mask, social distance and the lack of tests.

Alagoans relaxed with protective measures

Business student Ingrid Silva, 29, said she had stopped wearing a mask and with the current political scenario, covid was “forgotten” by her.

“We focus on other issues and forget that Covid exists. I did not think about the possibility of having a new increase. I think a lot of people felt that too.

Businesswoman Cinthia Souza, 47, said today she no longer thinks about wearing a mask. “Only if cases increase,” he says.

According to her, it is important that people take the vaccines, especially those who are late. “We have to stop cases from increasing, but everyone has to do their part.”

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