A BOLA – The Black Bulls champion pursues UD Songo (Mozambique)

With the fight limited, for the moment, to just two teams, the Black Bulls, of Portuguese Inácio Soares, maintain a tenacious pursuit of the União Desportiva do Songo, leaders of the Mozambican football championship of the 1st division, after a round ( 18th) where both, this Sunday, won at home and are separated by two points (42-40).

At a time when, for either of them, any slippage can be fatal in the pursuit of the title objectives, the Black Bulls were forced to pull out of the game to defeat the Maputo Sports League, red lantern , by two unanswered balloons. , goals from Jesus, 50 minutes, and Rume, 80.

Just four days from the end of Moçambola, the team coached by former Coimbra native Dário Monteiro are in a very difficult situation and have irrevocably abandoned the division, after a brilliant rise to the highest level, which has earned them four championships, in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014, in addition to a Mozambican Cup, in 2012, therefore, five titles in the space of five years.

The ongoing disinvestment, on the part of the owners of the club, has led to the current critical phase of the team, which at the time of the great harvests had the services of the sailor Zainadine Júnior, as well as the Portuguese coach Luís Filipe Vieira Carvalha (Litos).

Meanwhile, in Songo, União Desportiva beat Costa do Sol 1-0, a goal scored by Foken, in the 68th minute, cementing the hydroelectric plants’ focus on their goals, despite the tough trips now following, on the Land of Ferroviários de Lichinga and Beira.

At the Ferroviário de Maputo, and after the departure of the Belgian coach Jean-François Losciuto, João Chissano, the new helmsman, made his debut with a victory, at the Estádio da Machava, over the namesake of Nacala by 3- 2, bringing some encouragement to both hosts.

Ferroviário de Nampula, owned by Portuguese Nélson Santos, went to Xinavane to draw 1-1 with Incomáti, who were left behind in the fight with Associação Desportiva de Vilankulo for retention at Moçambola. Inhambane representatives won against Ferroviário de Lichinga by 3-1, while Matchedje de Mocuba, another team in the hot seat, went to Chiveve to draw 1-1 with Ferroviário da Beira.

Round 18 results:

UD Songo v Costa do Sol 1-0

Black Bulls-Sports League 2-0

Beira-Matchedje Railway from Mocuba 1-1

Incomati of Xinavane-Ferroviário de Nampula 1-1

AD Vilankulo-Ferroviário de Lichinga 3-1

Maputo Railway – Nacala Railway 3-2

Classification: UD Songo, 42 points; Black bulls, 40 years old; Costa del Sol, 28; Nampula Railway, 28; Maputo Railway, 27; Lichinga Railway (minus one game), 24; Nacala Railway, 23; Ferroviário da Beira (less one game), 20 years old, AD Vilankulo, 20 years old; Incomati from Xinavane, 17; Matchedje de Mocuba, 14 and Liga Desportiva de Maputo, nine.

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