Quaresma understands Rafa: “When you’re great at the club and you arrive at the Seleção and you’re just one more, what are you doing there?” – Selections

The Portugal international says he didn’t feel valued

Ricardo Quaresma was at the Eleven Sports studio to talk about the different stages of his career. The passage by the national team was part of it, but not always with happy memories, because the footballer insisted on reinforcing it. “I didn’t feel good going to the national team because I felt I wasn’t valued. I preferred, sometimes, not even to be called up. I went to the national team and I didn’t feel The team that impressed me the most was the Europeans in 2016, because it was a team that I was comfortable with and had a coach, even if he did not play in the eleven starting point, who believed in me and gave me that confidence. upset and my heartburn, but I knew he was counting on me. And with the others, I felt he was just one another player and that he was going to leave”, fired Ricardo Quaresma. When asked if he had ever thought about quitting the national team, like Rafa did recently, the winger said: “Honestly, it crossed my mind to do what Rafa The selection and you are one more, what are you doing there? I’m not saying that Fernando Santos doesn’t trust or don’t like Rafa, I speak for myself. Porto. It disappointed me”.

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