No fun being young today

When I think about it, I was lucky.

I grew up in the 1970s, the greatest decade in Quebec history.

Everything was possible, everything had to be done.

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We got up in the morning, and we were pushed by the culture.

Renée Claude sang “It’s the beginning of a new time”, the PQ proclaimed: “Departing, today, tomorrow belongs to us!”, Isabelle Pierre said: “The weather is good, the sky is blue” – three magnificent songs by the great Stéphane Venne.

Beau Dommage invited us to embrace the city, Harmonium catapulted us into the clouds, Ferland encouraged us to go “A little higher, a little further”…

The world was up for grabs.

And then UQAM hadn’t yet started making priests to replace those our parents had kicked out.

On availability peace, holy peace.

And the country was close at hand. It was enough to prefer oneself to pick it.

Then came the 1980s.

Culture was exploding on all sides, all sides.

It was the beginnings of Robert Lepage, Gilles Maheu, Dominic Champagne, Michel Lemieux, Musique Plus revolutionized television, I took part in the adventure of see with a bunch of enthusiastic journalists, there was something to discover, something to see every day…

Something to build.


When I look at the world in fanl my children grow up, it saddens me… The wave of optimism on which we overdo it has crashed on the cliffs of reality.

The modern state that Quebec integrated in the 1960s is cracking and cracking everywhere.

The province lacks momentum, by breath. of projects

When it’s not the pandemic, it’s inflation, polarization, censorship, the climate.

Quebec is aging, settling down. We manage on a piecemeal basis, we save money. And politically, we stutter.

Quebec, which has taken the world by storm, is now rocking by the fireside, wrapped in a little wool.

It sent the old man, it sent the Vicks.

Quebec’s identity has shattered into a thousand pieces, each community shutting itself behind its Wailing Wall.

And it’s who will be more victim than the other…

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“Yes, but I am a woman!”

“I am a racialized woman! »

“Me, I am a non-binary racialized woman!”

“I am a non-binary racialized Muslim woman! »

“I am a disabled Muslim non-binary racialized woman! »

Take a number, stand in line and complain like everyone else.


The generation that follows will be the first to be less successful than the one that trained it. Their big project is voluntary simplicity.

Wow! exciting

It sounds like a sermon from the 1950s: happy are the poor, because they will go to heaven.

Don’t fly, wear used clothes, cycle at -20°C, eat expired food…

And when shopkeepers greet you by saying “Bonjour-Hi! thank them for including a French word!

As the other said, modern Quebec has the flag at half mast…

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