Here, you work four days a week: the employer is satisfied, the employees are “very satisfied” and no one leaves for “more than 200 €”

The future has arrived earlier for 360 print line graphics. A month ago, the company decided to cut the work week of nearly 200 employees from five to four days, becoming one of the first, if not the only one of this size, to apply the model that is being discussed in more and more countries. and that the government now wants to test in Portugal. Most workers start the weekend on Friday, while those who deal more with customers take extra time off on a rotating basis throughout the week. Each added a day to their free time, with no reduction in pay. “They are very satisfied”, guarantees the director, Sérgio Vieira, convinced that “it is only a matter of time” before this regime becomes generalized.

“Given the context in which we live, the technological acceleration, the expectations of new generations, who ‘no longer live for work’ and who value time more, I have no doubt that this will be inevitable. We just decided to anticipate the future,” he says. Over the four working days, the hours have been reduced from eight to nine hours, but the manager believes that this additional hour does not involve changes in the routine of most workers, because that is the time they have. lost in the daily trips to offices, in Lisbon and Braga, which ended in September, when the company switched to telecommuting.

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