Sporting lists officiating errors in Eintracht Frankfurt game and shoots: ‘Choose to turn a blind eye’ – Sporting

The editorial recalls what happened in 2014 and regrets that even with the VAR the injustice remained

Sporting leaves criticism on Thursday on the referee team which led the match with Eintracht Frankfurt. The defeat at Alvalade by 2-1 dictated the elimination of the Léonine team from the Champions League. In the editorial of the club’s newspaper, the lions recall what happened in 2014 and point out that the faults are even more serious because “there is, nowadays, a tool (VAR) which aims to correct injustices in the whistle in specific cases”. In the editorial, signed by Miguel Braga, Sporting specifies that “the experts were unanimous in considering that the penalty, which changes the course of the match, was preceded by an offensive fault”. The Lions do not stop there and give examples. “In the 76th minute, Trincao made a rush to the right and, already close to the opposition box, was brutally stopped by Jakic – however, Slavko Vincic, the game’s infamous referee, chose to close his eyes and forgive the expulsion of the player from To these bad decisions, I would add one more, always with the same protagonists, Vincic and Jakic, recalling the different intransigence shown with the yellow card shown to Paulinho (for not reporting the obvious foul the player suffered and the resulting protest resulted in a disciplinary sanction for striker Leonino.) After seven minutes, Jakic stopped Arthur in one of these moves dubbed a ‘promising attack’: foul signaled and corresponding yellow card. Then the Croatian player protested vehemently and closer to the referee, causing whistles from the stands, but not prompting Vincic to take any further action.”

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