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While she was to find director Adam McKay for the film “Bad Blood”, Jennifer Lawrence finally abandoned this project. Here is the reason.

After a collaboration prevented on Don’t Look Up, Jennifer Lawrence was to find the director Adam McKay for one of his next films entitled Bad Blood. Adapted from the book of the same name, this feature film, announced since 2016, should tell the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her startup Theranos, specializing in medical services.

She became the youngest billionaire in the United States in the early 2000s after raising funds to finance her machine capable of analyzing a drop of blood and establishing a diagnosis of the patient.

Only here, Elizabeth Holmes lied about her trials and she was found guilty of fraud and sentenced for fraud against investors, only at the beginning of the year 2022.

Why Jennifer Lawrence left the Adam McKay film?

If this is the story you have chosen, it is because the series The Dropout has already recently taken up the subject. Airing in the spring of 2022 on Hulu across the Atlantic and then on Disney+ in the rest of the world, this mini-series won over its audience with its incredible plot and was praised for the performance of actress Amanda Seyfried, winner of an Emmy Award. .

And it is precisely for this reason that Jennifer Lawrence has decided to withdraw from the Adam McKay project. Lords of an interview for the New York Timesthe Oscar-winning actress revealed that Amanda Seyfried’s performance convinced her not to play the notorious fraud as well:

“I thought she was great. I figured we didn’t need to do it again. She’s done it before.”

This decision, while commendable, is very surprising because it is not uncommon for similar projects to be produced in Hollywood, without the performers not bothering. Adam McKay will therefore have to find a new actress for Bad Blood, if this project is still relevant.


In development since 2016, the feature film had been on stand-by for some time. But it came back into the news recently when the rights were acquired by Apple for broadcast on Apple TV+.

While waiting to learn more about the development of Bad Blood, you could find Jennifer Lawrence in another film on Apple TV+. The actress stars in Causeaway, a fan drama she plays an American serviceman trying to adjust to her new life after a traumatic brain injury resulting from the war in Afghanistan.

Causaway is available on Apple TV+ from November 4.

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