Medical Journal – Knowing how to age

Knowing Aging – A Journey through Seniors’ Health is the book that aims to help understand aging

The publishing house LIDEL announces its new book “Saber Envelhecer – Uma Viagem pela Saúde dos Seniores”, by retired doctor Armando de Medeiros. According to the author, “aging is also a state of mind. People who stay active and see the years in a positive light are more likely to live longer and have a better quality of life than those who stay at home, isolated from their relationship life.

Aging being a natural process of the human condition that is characterized by a series of biological alterations, this work draws on the medical knowledge and experience of those who have gone through and continue to go through the aging process, using simple and accessible language, using everyday situations to illustrate ideas and concepts, highlighting tips and tricks.

The author discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of the life of seniors which will help the reader to understand the changes brought about by aging and to know the best way to prevent and treat the main diseases associated with advancing age.

But, “this book goes well beyond illness, focusing on health, physical and mental, and for all those approaching the end of life, with the notion that knowledge is multifaceted and necessary not only for prolong life, but also to improve its quality”.

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