The trails closed during the hunting period are the talk of the town

Several quad riders say their rights are violated because several trails or portions of trails are closed during hunting season. However, the situation is not new.

This way of doing things exists after years. It is necessary because the two activities are simply not compatible. Imagine the dispute that could break out between hunters who would see quad riders walking around in their hunting area. I wouldn’t want to witness such a thing.

In a text published on the website of the Quebec Federation of Quad Clubs (FQCQ), signed by Louis Gagnon, quickly understanding that several quad riders do not always follow the information.

“ATV riders have a short memory, because it’s always the same scenario that repeats itself every year. There are certain sections of trail that will close for a period of more or less 15 days, depending on the sector where you practice the quad. The less hunting dates differ from region to region. It is therefore important to check with your local club when this period is effective in your area. »

The expert also explains in his text that these are closures in specific sectors and not all trails. Actually cements small portions that can be closed off at the request of landowners.

“In many cases, they hunt themselves on their land. They are home after all. »

Closures and rights of way

Several portions of trails pass through the territory of zecs throughout Quebec. These territories are very popular during hunting season. It is becoming imperative for quad riders to respect temporary closures, so as not to lose rights of way. Even chosen on private grounds.

In his text, the FQCQ expert insists that people respect these closures. He wonders why every year, while these temporary closures are in effect, some quad riders defy them. He does not accept the excuse of these offenders who say that at the price at which they pay their right of way, they can circulate at any time.

Finally, the message is quite simple. The network of quad trails in Quebec exists thanks to the work of volunteers and the rights of way offered by organizations and landowners. Without them, there are no trails. During hunting season, only part of the trails are temporarily closed.

Do not take actions that could lead to a permanent fermentation of trails, in regions where hunting requires the temporary closure of portions of trails. There is always a way to hike by changing your usual route.

User hunters

It should be noted that, during the hunting season, several amateurs will use quads, so they should not be confused with hikers. In this specific case, the quad or autoquad becomes tools to help them succeed in their hunt or for transporting game. Some also use them to hunt small game.

We have to live in harmony and accept that from temporary to temporary, certain temporary obstacles limit the practice of our favorite activity.


Access rights to the discount

If you obtain your right of access between November 1 and 15, you will save money. It sells for $330 during this period compared to $360 after the 15th. The summer access right sells for $230 from May 1 to 15 and $250 thereafter. To find out all about it and buy your trail permit online:

An interesting new place at BRP

Already well deployed in the UTV market, BRP’s Defender model now has a very interesting newcomer, the HD7. Thanks to the people from Adrénaline Sport and TY Moteurs, I was able to try it out.

In fact, it is considered new because of its motorization. It still has the same storage features, under the passer-by seat, with its removable glove box and many other places. It’s a three-passenger that can turn into two passengers, when you lower the center backrest, which becomes a storage place and a support for water bottles or other. In the rear, the three-foot box can accept a load of 1000 lbs and the vehicle’s pulling capacity is 2500 lbs.

The big difference is the arrival of an all-new 650cc engine, the first of its kind to be fitted to this vehicle. I found it quiet, very economical and very nimble. It responds instantly to your commands. Really, with the vehicle, BRP is marking time in this category of the market.

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