Cheap foldables – Galaxy Z Flip 3 at €650, Z Flip 4 at €750!

A few months ago we claimed that Samsung’s smaller, but no less interesting foldable, initially launched in 2021, was already at a very interesting price of 700~750 €. A very significant drop, compared to its launch price closer to 1200€.

Well… Did you know that the Z Flip 3 has already dropped a little more, to 650 €, and in fact, the latest, fastest, and most fluid, the Z Flip 4, is now available in several stores, at the around 750 €? You may have every doubt about Samsung’s folding gamble, but a $750 Z Flip 4? It’s a Chinese company!

Galaxy Z Flip 3 at €650, Z Flip 4 at €750! Foldables at good prices in Portugal!

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Therefore, Android smartphones usually depreciate faster than Apple’s iPhone. It is an undeniable reality of the mobile world, which very probably, at this stage of the championship, should not change.

But that doesn’t always mean negative things for the Android world. After all, that means it’s sometimes possible to find a few bargains a few months or even weeks after the launch of a high-end quality device.

In this case we are talking about Samsung’s Z Flip4, which in addition to being a top of the range in its own right, being based on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 SoC, is also one of the most interesting foldable devices on the market. However, if you don’t want to give $750 for a cellphone, you can always take a look at last year’s Z Flip 3, which is a bit slower, and has significantly less battery life… But it costs also cheaper. 100€.

Interested in foldables at 650~750 €? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below.

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