Mr. Legault should weigh his words

Mr. Legault had a hard time as a former son of the Council of Ministers. Many elected, few called.

He admitted to having revised his list of ministers several times, crossing out one name to add another… End of suspense, this Thursday afternoon, we have the result of our Prime Minister’s puzzle.

Asked by journalists about the harshness of this task, Mr. Legault replied.

eat a little Sophia’s Choice

Sophia’s Choice is an English expression that refers to having to make a decision in the face of a heartbreaking and unbearable choice.

What is Sophie’s choice?

The anguish of a beautiful young girl having to choose between two wedding dresses?

Sophia’s Choicetitle of a novel by William Styron, was brought to the screen by Alan Pakula in the 1980s.

The film sheds light on the fate of a Polish survivor of the concentration camps and refugee in the United States after the war.

A woman with a troubled past, she will end up revealing the terrible secret that haunts her.

She was taken to Auschwitz with her two children, where, as soon as she arrived, a soldier forced her to make a choice of abject cruelty.

One of his two children will have to perish in a gas chamber, otherwise they will both be killed. The little girl died…

Sophie survived with this weight on her conscience, never managing to get rid of it anymore, he ended up committing suicide.

The role is interpreted by the masterful performance of Meryl Streep.

The weight of words…

This response from François Legault may have seemed innocuous to many, but I couldn’t help but see a certain slippage in it.

We are in the era of punchof the question that kills and the metaphor that spanks, older a council of ministers has nothing of a “Choice of Sophie”.

Fortunately, no deputy will die from François’ choices.

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