Is it the flu or the Covid? There are new antigen tests you should know about

There are already antigenic tests capable of detecting both the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and the influenza A and B virus. At the moment they are only available in a few countries, namely Spain, Australia and Ireland, but everything indicates that they may be generalized so soon.

The new tests are seen as key to distinguishing the two illnesses should the peaks in Covid-19 and flu incidence coincide this winter, not least because many symptoms could be the same.

According express diary, the tests are quite similar to the rapid tests used for Covid-19. The difference is that they can have two or more displays (one for each virus) or one display with more letters. In both cases, the colored line always indicates the presence of the pathogen.

The kits come with all the necessary materials and only require nasal harvesting, showing results in 15 minutes.

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