“During the first training session at Sporting, there was confusion”

The Portuguese side downplayed a less beautiful moment with their former team-mate, recalling that it is part of being competitive in football at the highest level

Cedric Soares was featured in Arsenal’s Amazon Prime documentary. The Portuguese winger was involved in a less than rosy scene with former team-mate Lacazette in training and the cameras caught it all. Images which, according to the former Sporting player, are part of the highest level of football.

“That’s part of it. Of course, interpretations can sometimes be difficult for outsiders, because they’ve never experienced it so directly. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a team where there was no training competitive and that, sometimes, you didn’t cross this line, that’s completely normal.I remember arriving at Sporting seniors and during my first training session there was confusion between two players. I think it’s completely normal and in relation to this, more directly with Laca, as soon as we left the training we were talking about and, even if we weren’t talking to each other, we knew that it was something that would stay on the pitch, it was a little warmer moment, nothing more. He happens to be a very close friend of mine, who I love a lot, I really enjoyed playing with him and he has a lot of quality, so honestly I don’t appreciate that,” he explained, in an interview with Eleven Sports.

On the possibility of a return of Arsenal to the Premier League titles, almost 20 years later, Cédric is cautious. The isolated leadership is good, the signs are positive, but, according to the Portuguese, there is still a lot of Premier League to play.

“It’s a bit early to assume anything. I think the start of this season has been positive. We have worked hard and in the previous seasons we have established ourselves more and more in the pattern of play of the coach and in his ideas. The team has solidified the processes and improved, and this year even more. So it is a time to be proud, but also to continue working,” he said. .

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