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Clouds cover the sky and the rain heralds its arrival creating a mystical atmosphere to celebrate the spookiest night of the year: the halloween night. If you are a fan of legends and horror stories, now is the perfect time to watch the dilapidated houses with other eyes and solve all the mysteries.

In our country there is no shortage houses and apartments amazing, whose poor condition can make a bad first impression, but it can also be a unique opportunity to give them new life. If you are thinking of opening the doors to celebrate this date and find the future home of your dreams, we present to you some old and old houses in Portugal.

Buying a dilapidated house: the endless possibilities

If there are those who are fond of luxurious residences, improved in detail, others are fans of own houses for halloween.

A old house in ruins has certain advantages, starting with its structure, which is normally quite resistant. Many dilapidated houses and apartments they’re cheap and usually have a great location. Historic areas in some cities need to be restored, and maybe you can take the first step.

Buy a dilapidated house It’s still a fantastic solution for those who don’t want to start a house from scratch, but still want to customize their dream home down to the smallest detail – the trick is to use your imagination.



Giving a new life to a house: advantages and disadvantages

Buy a house in poor condition it really is a valid option, especially when its market value is very low and affordable. For only 6,000 euros, you can buy a typical halloween house in our country, whether in the coldest villages or in cities with a mild climate. Other advantages of buying houses in poor condition are:

  • Potential for renewal/personalization: someone decides to buy a house in poor condition due to its location or the potential for work it offers;
  • Houses with the highest market value: even if the cost of renovating the houseThe in poor condition are high, this value can be recouped through the appreciation the property achieves;
  • Halloween party houses: with a few jobs, houses in poor condition can become backstage halloween parties or serve as escape rooms with breathtaking authentic decors;
  • Houses for the tourist market: you can transform the dilapidated houses in commercial spaces or in hotels and local accommodation, to attract more people to the neighborhood where they are located.

One of disadvantages of houses in poor condition are you insufficient thermal insulation and how energy inefficient they can be. For who looking for houses in poor condition it is necessary to think of redoubled efforts for the insulation of the roof, the windows and the walls.

Otherwise, buy a house in poor condition involves a higher risk, which can be avoided when the recovery work is carried out by approved companies. He investigates businesses and budgets and makes every effort to ensure that properties maintain their identity. Before starting a project renovation of an old house there is a whole set of tips that you can follow

Bought a dilapidated house: now what?

Now that you’ve bought one ruined house you have work ahead of you. In fact, there are so many ways to work on old houses that it is difficult to understand what steps to follow after purchase. We give you a helping hand:

  1. Analyze the plan of the house: as soon as you know the ruined house perfectly, you will be able to understand how to make increases, how to create new corridors or give life to a division that once seemed to lack;
  2. Do a search for companies specializing in Restructuring and rehabilitation of dilapidated houses: even if you want to keep your original structures, you must go to a specialized company, which gives confidence and has guarantees in carrying out the renovation work;
  3. Budgets for the restoration of houses in poor condition: accept the one that responds adequately to what you are looking for;
  4. Connection of electricity and natural gas: Ruined houses usually don’t have electricity and natural gas hookups, so you should start exploring the energy market supplier tariffs to understand which proposals are suitable for the needs of the house. A new connection of electricity and natural gas It takes about 15 days to finish it.

Note: It is essential to ensure that the the property is recorded in the finances. After the act, it is essential to obtain the Caderneta Predial.

If you are convinced by this option, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Halloween and find several dilapidated houses for sale in idealista from 6 thousand euros. Do you want advice? Don’t let the spooky gaze cloud your mind, as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Shop the spookiest ramshackle house in the country:

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