15 years of love for Catherine-Anne Toupin and Antoine Bertrand

Another her role in the series … Moi non plus!, Catherine-Anne Toupin is rarer in front of the cameras and it is voluntary, because the actress feels as much pleasure, if not more, in writing and producing than in to play. This fall, he takes charge of the postproduction of the film La meute, in addition to planning a romantic trip with his beau Antoine Bertrand, who shares his life after 15 years.

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Catherine-Anne, it seems and have a palpable chemistry between Vincent Leclerc and you in … Me neither!.

Yes, and I have to say Vincent is a wonderful person to work with. On such a fun set! When you choose a role, you never know if the chemistry will operate. I knew Vincent a little, not so much anymore. Finally, we have a real pleasure to play together. We adore each other, we pass the buck, and everything is pleasant.

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What can we say about this new season?

At the start of the season, our two characters experienced a real shock, each on their own. For Sarah, it is because of the hostage taking, this violent event that she experienced and which upset her. As for Christian, he is in shock because he kissed Sarah and liked it. He doesn’t really know what to do with that anymore… Also, since we knew that we were going to be in an election season in Quebec and that the American characters represent the left and the right, we had fun putting the emphasis on their political ideologies. There was even an episode in fanl there were fictitious elections. This allowed us to talk a bit about the beliefs of these two characters and, at the same time, remind people of the importance of voting.

How is the writing of this series going for you?

Seriously, I love this! I had fun co-writing this second season with Karina Goma. And there, I added another writing project, since I wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of La meute. We finished filming recently, and I’m very happy. It’s the same cast as in the play, that is to say that there is Guillaume Cyr, Lise Roy and me. This project has really been a great experience, both in terms of writing and on set. On tour all summer. I like this rhythm which consists of being quiet at home for several months, only going out during filming and, as an actress, playing the roles that I have written. I like these movements that allow me to go from the intimacy of a story, when I’m alone in front of my computer, to the frenzy of a set with the energy of the other actors, the director and the technical team. .

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We have the impression that you like the shadows as much as the light?

It feels good to alternate between the two, but I’m not the one who needs the light at all costs. For me, the pleasure is above all in the work. I have a lot more fun in front of my computer writing, in a rehearsal room or on a film set than at a premiere party or a gala. I lend myself to the game, but that’s not why I do this job. It is the work of actress and author that interests me. Being able to switch from one to the other is very interesting for me.

How did this desire to do this job come about?

I remember that, when I was little, I liked to tell stories. I find that the most beautiful thing about human beings is their ability to share their experience with others. It enriches us, it does us good and it entertains us. I think I’ve always wanted to do this. When I was younger, I identified a lot with the actors, because they are the ones who are in the foreground. But when I discovered writing and the pleasure of inventing stories, it was very revealing for me. I like to discover the other facets of this profession. After a few years, I also produce. I love being in the editing room and putting a production team on site. Light is fun and pleasant, plus shade can be just as much.

You’ve been doing this job for almost 25 years…

Yes, it’s crazy how time flies! At the same time, I have no regrets since I have a career that is even better than I initially hoped. I had a lot of success abroad; it was wonderful and unexpected for me. It’s all exciting. At the moment, you are making a film when you never think of making a film. I find it very enriching. I have a career that goes much further than I would have dared to imagine at the start.

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How is Antoine Bertrand, your spouse, who has been rather rare lately?

He’s fine, more sure he hasn’t seen himself much for a few weeks since he shot a film in France for a large part of the summer. Back in Quebec, I started shooting my film with Anne Émond as director. So we didn’t have a lot of time together. But we still love each other so much and everything is going so well! I work seven days a week and more than 15 hours a day. More Antoine takes care of me. Also, he discovered a passion for ornithology, and particularly for hummingbirds. I love that.

How long have you two been?

I have shared my life with this fantastic man for 15 years now. We did not assign our 15 years, because we were not together. But we’re going to catch up this fall by taking a little vacation together. He’s going to want the post-production of the series and the film there, and afterwards, I’m going on a trip with my man. I don’t know yet if there will be a third season of …Neither do I !, but I’m open to the idea. But it will probably be the last. I think three seasons for a romantic comedy is a good number. We don’t want to stretch the sauce and repeat ourselves. I have other projects in mind. I would like to play with Antoine again one day, because we have so much fun playing together! There is nothing concrete in this direction yet, but I am convinced that the right project will eventually present itself.

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…Neither do I !, Tuesday 7:30 p.m., at Novo. The film The pack Should hit theaters in 2023.

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