Five years later, what has become of Éric Salvail?

Five years ago, the media world was shaken by a scandal: Éric Salvail was the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct and caused a real commotion in the artistic community. Here is an assessment of his situation today and a return on the affair which ended his career in the media…

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It was the year of the #MeToo movement. In the United States, producer Harvey Weinstein is defending sexual misconduct allegations. Denunciations multiplied. In Quebec, Éric Salvail was the first to mount the same spell.


” I have work to do. For real. No matter when, comment and under what circumstances, I often acted inappropriately, I have the responsibility for these inappropriate behaviors. A bit like an alcoholic can consult to stop having deviant consumption and to understand it as much as its consequences, this is what I do for my own behavior with specialists in the field.


On October 10, 2018, an assessment procedure was launched against the ex-producer: he was then facing a pre-reimbursement of $750,000. They are ex-employees of the show In Salvail mode who demanded compensation for unpaid wages (through the Quebec Alliance of Image and Sound Technicians).


In the spring of 2018, at the end of an investigation by the Police Department of the City of Montreal, we learned that he and had 12 complaints filed against the host and that only one was retained for a prosecution. On January 15, 2019, an arrest warrant was issued by the Director of Criminal Offenses and Sentences against Éric Salvail, who was arraigned in court on February 15, 2019, on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and harassment of Donald Duguay.


In December 2020, the verdict fell: Judge Alexandre Dalmau, who heard the case, determined that the evidence and testimony of Donald Duguay did not allow suffering beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused was guilty of the facts. He therefore acquitted Éric Salvail.

Photo: PAUL DUCHARME / Echos V

Moreover, Éric and his lover always present a real estate management company, the BB Immobilier Group.

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