Cancer: banned drugs could have prevented 1.5 million cases

About 1.5 million people could be saved each year if new medications versus cancer have been approved. This is underlined by a study published by the Harvard Business Review.

This number is based on the time it takes to approve, in different countries, the medications newer drugs indicated to treat lung and lung cancer prostate. The drugs are already legalized in the United States.

The authors analyzed two drugs against different types of cancer. one of them is the pembrolizumabmost effective treatment lung cancers.

the other is the enzalutamide, to fight against prostate cancer, the second most diagnosed in the world in men. This drug was approved in the United States in 2012, but China, for example, took seven years to authorize it, in part due to billing for new tests.

From these two cases, the researchers calculated that each year the FDA approves approximately seven cancer drugs, which, if authorized quickly in the rest of the world, would reduce the number of deaths linked to the disease between 10 and 20%.

Source: Health GI

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