A BOLA – The Portuguese coach dies at 37 after feeling unwell in a match (Futsal)

Rui Guimarães, the Portuguese futsal coach who was in Kuwait as coach of Al-Tadhamon, died on Wednesday after collapsing during a match.

The news was broadcast last night by Radio Vizela, a locality where the 37-year-old coach was from. Rui Guimarães “felt a strong pain in his chest, associated with breathing difficulties, and he ended up losing consciousness. He was then transported to the hospital, where he made an irreversible cardiopulmonary arrest”, he refers.

A niece of the coach, Catarina, however, revealed to Digital de Vizela that her uncle’s funeral will take place in Vizela, the day is not yet known.

Rui Guimarães had been working abroad for several years, having started his career at the Jorge Antunes Foundation. He passed through Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, the Emirates, Nicaragua and Kuwait.

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