We want independence, without independence

So summaries…

We don’t want to take an oath to the king.

We want all the powers over immigration.

We want all the powers in terms of culture.

We want to be able to control the borders.

We don’t want to know anything about Alberta oil.

We would like Quebec to be able to opt out of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We would like the federal government not to challenge our laws.

More on is against independence, and on a given just three deputies to the PQ.

Uh… Hello?

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It’s like going to the drive-thru at a restaurant and asking:

“I want two slices of bread, a minced meat patty, cheese, a slice of tomato, mustard, relish and a little lettuce…

“A cheeseburger, then?”

– Oh no, hatching not, I hate that, cheeseburgers! »

After that, we wonder why Canadians find us tiring…

Yvon Deschamps was right: we want an independent Quebec in a united Canada. This is our big dream.

All the advantages of independence, without taking any risks.

Hold on, I’m dizzy. I stand on a table, and I’m shaking.

Plus I’ve always wanted to know how to comment on sit when hang gliding. It must be great, this feeling of freedom…

Well the other day, thanks to my Oculus virtual reality glasses, I was able to slip into the shoes of a guy who hang glides.

I flew for 15 minutes above a river.

It was trippy, but I wasn’t scared. Because I knew I was sitting on a sofa.

This is Quebec.

We want to be virtually independent.

That way, if we mess up, we’ll just have to take off our glasses and we’ll find ourselves sitting on our knees by môman Canada.

As if we had never left.


I have an idea for Paul St-Pierre Plamondon: in the next election, he should promise not independence, but a pilot project.

We like that, in Quebec, pilot projects.

Shouldn’t margarine be the same color as butter?

Before deciding, we will set up a pilot project. We’re going to ask the residents of Saint-Eugène-de-Ladrière to eat white margarine for a month, to see what it does…

If after the experiment he doesn’t push an arm in their forehead, we’ll think about changing the color of the margarine…

It is often said that in Quebec, we wear suspenders and a belt.


We don’t wear pants. This way, we are sure that it will not fall.

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Everyone applauds PSPP’s position on the oath to the king.

Indeed, the strategy is brilliant.

As if the leader of the PQ had launched to François Legault: “You say that you are a nationalist? Prove it ! Refuse to take an oath too! »

As Paul Piché sang: “Ouindi ouindi, ouindi ouindi ouin ouin, but yours where are they? »

It remains that all this is a purely symbolic gesture.

But in Quebec, we like that, the symbols.

It doesn’t cost much and it doesn’t commit you to anything…

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