THE BALL – Diogo Costa leaves the guarantee for the classic (FC Porto)

In the countdown to the reception at Benfica, a big match in the 10th round of the League scheduled for next Friday (8:15 p.m.), Diogo Costa, FC Porto goalkeeper, assures that the team is determined to beat the Lisbon rival.

“These are always different games, which everyone wants to play and the fans want to see. I can say that the team will be very motivated to achieve victory,” he said in statements to Betano magazine, assuming the anxiety before playing a classic.

“On game day, all the players should feel butterflies in their stomachs, a little more than usual, but it’s good butterflies to want to give this joy to our fans and the responsibility to win. But after taking the field, things follow one another and we always give the best of ourselves.

With three wins in equal number of matches played against Benfica, Diogo Costa dismisses the role of Porto’s talisman: “I shouldn’t think about it. Each game has its story. We have to focus on each day and when the game comes we must not think about what happened in the past, but about the fact that the present will be the best.

“I am a Porto player”

Diogo Costa also talks about the decision to sign for FC Porto: “The family is Porto, I am Porto… there was no need to think twice. It helped to be close to home, just being FC Porto was a very easy decision to make. (…) Yes, I characterize myself as a Porto player. I came to live at Casa do Dragão when I was 15. Porto has always had its own DNA, it is a very characteristic city. The way of living and thinking about football is different from others. We have an immense passion for our job and we are above all looking for victories to then celebrate titles.

About Sérgio Conceição: “He is a coach who marked me for the fact that he gave me this opportunity and for the way he deals with us and with life, and also for his personality and his way of looking at football. It was great to work with him, he is a coach who forces us to always be at our best level, who demands a lot from us, but what he demands is also the best for us. It’s very gratifying to have someone who takes care of us in this way.

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