Fuels increased by more than 20 cents in 15 days, refilling now costs €11 more – see official prices

Official data proves that prices rose again on Monday.

Filling a 50 liter tank today costs about 11 euros more than two weeks ago. The increases vary depending on the fuel in question, but retail prices have increased between 10 and 13% since October 2. Diesel, for example, is at the highest selling price in the last three months.

This is what official data from the Directorate General for Energy and Geology show on Tuesday, which reflects the actual increases of the previous day: this is the second week in a row of sharp price increases.

On Monday, the average price in mainland Portugal for single diesel rose by 9.8 cents per liter compared to the previous Monday, to 1,954 euros. Special diesel, on the other hand, rose by 8.3 cents per litre, to 1,987 euros.

Simple 95 petrol rose by 6.1 cents to 1,886 euros per litre, while special 95 petrol rose by 4.6 cents to 1,909 euros.

Finally, 98 petrol increased by 6 cents per liter to 2,113 euros, while special 98 petrol increased its price by 5.4 cents per liter to 2.14 euros.

If we compare the prices of this Monday with those of 15 days before, October 2, then the fuel is more expensive between 19.9 cents per liter (in gasoline 98) and 22.7 cents per liter (in special diesel ). That is to say, they increased between 10% and 13% in just two weeks.

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