THE BALL – Anadia has not forgotten her (FC Porto)

It was at the end of Anadia-FC Porto (0-6) that the speaker took the microphone and, with Rodrigo Conceição, David Carmo and Manafá prominently featured, paid tribute to the three players by presenting them with Anadia jerseys. After all, they all have stints at the emblem of the bairradino in their respective careers – Rodrigo Conceição and David Carmo for training, Manafá already as a senior.

Anadia didn’t forget theirs and the fans loved what they saw, with fans of both teams cheering for the act.

Otherwise, everything was normal, and even the criticisms made were, let’s say, a little funny, as happened at this stage, always in the first half, when the Porto fans, especially in the area where the cheerleaders, posted a message criticizing the price of tickets for the game. “15 euros? Inflation or do you have a piglet? they asked.

But the party, that one, was already felt before the start of the match. Everyone wanted to see, above all, Sérgio Conceição. “He already has a house here, in a straight line it should be 300 meters there,” said an Anadia supporter, but an admirer of the FC Porto coach, who, despite his known links with the city of ‘Anadia, faced the match in his usual style, with the attention that we recognize him.

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