Long-term Covid affects ability to exercise, study finds

VSStarting to exercise after being sick is always tricky. The situation is worse for those with long Covid. This is the conclusion of a recent study from the University of California, USA.

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“The study brought together other research that has been done on the relationship between physical exercise and long-term Covid. We conclude that sick people who resume exercise are on the same level as there is 10 years,” says Dr. Matthew Durstenfeld, one of the study’s authors.

Since you didn’t exercise during the time you were sick, your body has to get used to this activity again. “We could just advise people to exercise, but there’s so much more. We have seen a decrease in oxygen to the muscles and a decrease in heart rate during physical activity in several cases.

Despite the results, Matthew Durstenfeld explains that more studies are still needed to understand the true relationship between physical exercise and Covid in the long term.

“This decrease in physical capacity in a decade is an average, because there have been some people in whom the disease ended up not affecting. You have to understand what is happening to identify possible treatments and help people”, concluded the doctor.

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