Sarah Ferguson shares several photos of Queen Elizabeth’s beloved corgis

Sarah Ferguson shares several photos of Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis

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Sarah Ferguson celebrated his birthday by playing with the corgis of the Queen. On Saturday, the Duchess of York, 63, shared several photos of herself lying in the grass playing with the puppies muick and Sandy, who now live with her and Prince Andrew.

The gifts that keep on giving…“, she wrote alongside.

Bye Madam Ferguson divorced Prince Andrew in 1996, she has always had a close relationship with him – she even lived in the royal box – and is said to have grown closer to the Queen in the last year of her life.

The monarch regularly took his dogs for walks in the gardens of Frogmore House, on the Windsor estate, and was often rejoin couple son ex-daughter-in-law.

The Duchess bonded with Her Majesty by walking her dogs and riding horses, and even after her divorce he continues to maintain the great friendship with Her Majesty by walking the dogs at Frogmore it’s under discussion“, the statement a source at Telegraph.

Prince Andrew, 62, had given two corgis, muick – named after the Loch muick on the property of balmoraldear to the queen – and another corgi named Fergus, to rebuild the morals of the monarch pendant that her husband, Prince Philip, was hospitalized in March 2021.

The Duke of Edinburgh died in April, and Fergus died the following month of a heart defect. Andrew’s daughter, the princess Beatricethen found Sandy to replace him. The Queen was reportedly devastated by the dog’s death, hatching a month after her husband passed away.

muick and Sandy were both said to have been present in the Queen’s bedroom when she died on September 8 at the castle of balmoralat the age of 96.

The dogs made an emotional appearance when they were taken out at the Queen’s funeral on September 19 outside Windsor Castle, as they awaited the arrival of the hearse carrying their late mistress.

The day before the state funeral, Prince William confirms that the dogs were doing very well.

I saw them the other day”the 40-year-old Prince of Wales told a mourner.We take good care of them. This son two corgis three sweet. They have a good home. We take good care of them“.

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