gameplay shows the horrors of the cosmic cult

Publisher Prime Matter and developer Brass Token have released extensive gameplay of Singingnew cosmic horror game for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The images detail the combat and exploration systems, showing how Jess Briars uses the spiritual resources of Glory Island to survive.

In the video, it is possible to observe that the game brings modern survival horror inspirations, such as Shadow of the Damned and The Evil Within. During the campaign, players can access a number of exorcism tools through a wheel in the interface. Each has its own effects and is available on a limited basis.

In addition, the protagonist of The Chant is able to dodge, run and protect himself with sorcery accessories. All of these attributes must be improved through progression and relate to three paths: mind, body, and spirit. Thus, Jess specializes in specific actions and impacts the outcome of the story through her choices.

The Chant will be released on November 3.

Find out more about Le Chant

Read The Chant’s description below (via PS Shop):

A peaceful weekend quickly turns into a nightmare after a chant opens up a psychedelic dimension of dread that feeds on negative energy: The Gloom. Interact with various characters, learn about the island’s intricate history, and witness terrifying revelations about the cosmos. Only you can reverse the ritual, but to do so you’ll have to repel the creatures and uncover the legacy of a 70s cult.

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