7 looks and hairstyles to try for fall-winter

Short haircuts have been popular since the beginning of 2022 sent a change of look and head, fall is the perfect time to do it. The trendy women’s short haircut 2022 is always beautiful and elegant. No more comments choose between all the possible options? We’re here to help with these 7 inspirational and super-beautiful look ideas:

Trendy women’s short haircut 2022: Bob with bangs

2022 bob with bangs short haircut women trend

We don’t know what exactly is with the square this year, plus it’s a trendy short haircut for women 2022 that everyone is crazy about! Lily bob featured here is best characterized by its classic slick front bangs.

However, leave a few strands longer than the bangs but shorter than the rest of the hair on the sides. Create a beautiful frame around your face. Wear with straight hair or wavy hair.

Trendy short haircut for women 2022: Disheveled Pixie

short haircut woman trend 2022 messy pixie

The short haircut leprechaun is for those who like to be noticed, a little rebellious and a little rock and roll. Moreover, this short haircut is super trendy for the fall-winter season! If you like the idea of ​​wearing such a hairstyle, ask your hairdresser to leave the hair a little longer on the top of the head. So you will have a little more length to make different hairstyles.

Trendy Women’s Short Haircut 2022 Shag

2022 short shag short haircut women trend

Here is another trendy 2022 women’s short haircut in the rock spirit: the shag cut! This 1970s and 1980s inspired hairstyle is coming back very fashionable and everyone is loving it! The cut is created by cutting the hair in layers at several different lengths. So the end result is voluminous and super beautiful hair!

curly pageboy bob

square cut pageboy wavy hair fall 2022

The pageboy bob is a short, retro twist on the classic hairstyle. And hatched if you combine the look with waves. This is actually a cut where the hair comes to the line of the ears. Additionally, the hairstyle is done with a little layering to create more texture through the hair.

Classic pixie for fall-winter 2022-2023

very short blonde pixie cut for women fall winter 2023

The very short Pixie cut is at the same time with a classy hairstyle and a super trendy style for 2022. However, this fall we are very inspired by the version worn by actress Mia Farrow in 1960!

A bit retro and very chic, this 2022 trendy women’s short haircut is combined with a very short fringe in front. The bangs frame the face giving a very nice shape to the hair. This is a perfect cut for those with round and square faces.

Long hair on the top of the head

modern short hairstyle autumn woman idea

If you are looking for a short haircut that is easy to style and maintain, then this one might be for you. Ask your stylist to leave the hair longer on the top of your head when doing your short cut. So you will have a few lengths to play with and create different trendy looks. The sides remain short.

gradient square bob

square cut degraded bob hairstyle to try

A halfway between the shag and the square, the degraded square bob is a very original cut to try for fall 2022. But instead of making the bob which at the line of the chin and which has the same length everywhere, we create movement by doing a degraded with different lengths. You can very well combine with bangs for an impressive short haircut for women!

Short women’s haircut for wavy hair

hairstyle naturally curly hair short idea woman

If your hair is naturally wavy or you like to rock beach waves, then an ear-line cropped haircut is the perfect choice for you. To make such a cut, ask your hairdresser to create a small layer to create more texture by making the waves.


trendy short lop haircut fall-winter 2022-2023

Do you know what a lop haircut is? It is actually a hairstyle that is something between a bob is a leprechaun, not quite a bixie anymore. A little confusing, isn’t it? This coupe looks a bit like the famous bowl cut.

The hair around the head is the same length leaving the neck bare. Then, the lengths of the hair can be styled with a bit of gel or mousse to give it a bit more texture and movement.

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