Unease on the set of La Semaine des 4 Julie during the visit of the candidates excluded from the OD

This Wednesday, Julie Snyder received live the last three candidates excluded fromDO Martiniquethat is Jonathan, Dominique and Sabrina.

The host first discussed with the firefighter the controversy of recent weeks. Jonathan was very honest with the producer, indicating that the team ofDO Martinique had been him last, more than she had perhaps intervened a little too late. ” This intervention was made the day before that I was no longer able to endure the atmosphere he says.

We should have intervened more quickly, I take the responsibility “, indicated Julie, very humble in the face of the situation. Recall that the production wrote this message following numerous complaints from viewers. It was not particularly well received by Fans Besides…

Even if this moment was not 100% comfortable, it is nothing compared to the discomfort that arose when Julie Snyder asked the ex-candidates if there were reconciliations in the house of the excluded.

When she spoke directly to Dominique and Sabrina, Sabrina’s face completely changed. So she confessed: There was a French. »

Dominique chained him saying: ” French people, several French people. »

That’s it, it boils down to this “continued Sabrina, visibly embarrassed.

You don’t feel like saying with whom? “, launches the facilitator.

The three candidates remained silent, fidgeting in the seats, expect this discussion to end quickly.

When Julie Snyder called out to Jonathan, he cleared his throat and the girls were laughing (yellow?). ” It’s not very big the house, I have I wind… “, he said.

So, we understand from this strange conversation that Dominique and Sabrina kissed, more visibly, they don’t seem to want to expand on the subject…

Let us recall that another significant moment this week at the talk show of Julie Snyder is the passage of Anna Casabonne, who broke down when she saw images she did not expect.

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