Ex-Welsh captain invades the pitch and applies a ‘naked choke’ to the coach during his son’s Under-12 game – England

Witness tells Daily Mail that Ashley Williams ‘lost her mind’

Ashley Williams, a 38-year-old former Welsh international footballer, has been charged by the England Association with inappropriate and violent conduct after he allegedly attacked the coach of an Under-12 side while he was on the bench in watching his son’s game. According to the Daily Mail, witnesses reported that the former Welsh captain, now a BBC commentator, “has completely lost his mind”. He entered the field to face the coach of the opposing team, who intervened following an offer in which the son of Williams was involved. A representative for the former footballer claimed Williams acted in self-defence and had “45 witnesses supporting his version”.

The ‘Daily Mail’ has shared footage of the incident, which shows other parents pulling the former footballer off the pitch.

“He applied a rear naked choke [ato de apertar o pescoço, por trás, com o braço], we had never seen anything like it. People begged him to stop. Some children were crying and the coach’s family was on the bench. Some parents managed to contain him, but he still tried to free himself. It was a shameful act by someone who should have known how to behave,” a witness told the Daily Mail.

It all happened in September, in a match between Corinthians and TSC United, where Williams’ son plays. The game took place in Manchester and the incident was quickly reported to the East Manchester Junior Football League as well as the English FA.

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