the explanation of the intercontinental play-off ::

It could have been this Wednesday, but the last emotions are for February. To beat IcelandPortugal immediately guaranteed its presence in the playoffs intercontinental access to the Women’s World Cup, but still depended on the match between Scotland and Ireland… which ended in the Irish women’s qualifier.

Portugal must therefore set their sights on the next qualification… which will be played in New Zealand, one of the host countries of the World Cup 2023. As the third worst selection in the playoffs competition, Francisco Neto’s team will now play, as the sole representative of UEFA, a playoffs Intercontinental tournament with 10 teams.

This mini-tournament will divide the 10 teams into three groups (in knock out), and Portugal knows in advance that it will be awarded in the post A1 in the draw next Friday due to being the highest rated team among those present. Thus, Portugal also already knows that it will play just a game and in Hamilton.

In Pot 1, and immediately without any chance of reaching Portugal, are also the selections of Taiwan, Chile and Papua New Guinea, seeded in the other groups. That leaves Thailand, Cameroon, Senegal, Haiti, Panama and Paraguay as options for the draw.

Remember that this playoffs intercontinental will play February 17 to 23 2023 in New Zealand and the last three teams qualified for the World Cup will come out of it. Despite only playing one official match, Portugal are yet to schedule a friendly match against New Zealand.

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