Love, Glory and Beauty – Top Models, episode broadcast on October 11, 2022 on cbs in the USA

In front of the cottage invoice in Aspen, brooke it is stunned by what has just announced to him Crete. She recalls that they are married and have no doubt that he still loves her so much. He asks if he did anything to the contrary, he doesn’t see what could have pushed him to come here without even telling her. Unite once more, Crete I understand in his head the voice of brookeexplaining to the Child Protection switchboard that Douglas is in danger… Faced with his silence, brooke beg him to explain.

In a bedroom upstairs in the chalet, Steffy asks his mother how he feels. tailor respond that he is happy and horny, he is finally charged with Cretewhen she no longer believes in it. Steffy is happy for her, but suddenly, she sees her father outside deep in conversation with… Brooke! She…

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