Continente will sell second-hand clothes “from big brands” – Marketeer

After Auchan, it’s Continente’s turn to venture into the world of second-hand clothing sales. For the first time, it will be possible to find used parts in Continente stores and take them home to breathe new life into them.

Just look for space [RE]Style, located in the textile area of ​​the stores, to find this new bet, achieved through a partnership with the Portuguese company Retry. The promise is second-hand clothing from top brands, for both men and women.

For now, the novelty is being tested in a pilot project at Continente GaiaShopping, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and at Continente Colombo, in Lisbon, but there are plans to expand to other stores throughout the long of 2023.

“As a leader in distribution, we know that it is our duty to find and implement measures which aim to minimize the impact of our activity and which contribute to sustainable development. This project aims to give new life to second-hand clothes and allows our customers to buy items from well-known fashion brands in our stores, with confidence and at very attractive prices”, summarizes Graça Fernandes, Head of textile category at MC.

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