THE BALL – “1-0, 5-4 or 10-9, what matters is winning” (Fenerbahçe)

Jorge Jesus was content with the victory against Karagumruk (5-4), during the ninth round of the Turkish championship. Even so, the Fenerbahçe coach acknowledged the lack of defensive solidity shown by the Istanbul emblem.

“1-0, 5-4, 10-9, what matters is the victory. We have achieved our objective, which is the most important, but obviously I will not ignore certain things, especially at the defensive level. We used to be a safe team there, but it was not a good day. If in some games we won with defensive quality, this time it was thanks to our offensive ability,” he explained.

The Portuguese also commented on the fact that he didn’t drop Miguel Crespo, but a winger, while looking for the winning goal.

“Miguel Crespo is one of the most in-form players in the team at the moment. I don’t want to let him go when we’re looking for the winning goal,” he concluded.

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