Gas: is it worth switching to the regulated market?

As we have just seen, it is currently possible to switch to the regulated gas market, either via a physical store or via the internet. But is this change worth it?

ERSE has been attentive to everything that is happening in the energy market and has provided information and tools to help the client. Did you know that ERSE has a price calculator?

ERSE's energy price simulator compares all commercial offers available to consumers of electricity (normal low voltage) and natural gas (low pressure) in mainland Portugal. To start, the user only has to access the simulator here then choose the type of energy.

You can then run a quick simulation or perform a custom simulation. For this article, we will consider a couple with children and central heating.

Then just enter your Postal code and load into See the results.

The simulator will immediately present the values ​​for the different markets sold. To give you an idea, in our simulation for Guarda, the annual value with the lowest regulated market tariff was for BeiraGás (589.28 euros). For other traders the value is greater than 1000 euros.

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