Serge Lama without filter on his state of health, “It has become unbearable today”

At 79, Serge Lama makes the decision to stop performing. In the columns of Le Parisien, Friday October 7, 2022, he explained that the consequences of his accident which occurred when he was 22 years old were far too important today.

Friday October 7, 2022, on the occasion of the release of his new album, bitterSerge Lama brought together major announcements. He did not show on stage to play it in front of his audience. Indeed, at 79, the singer wishes “refer parenthesis“of his artistic career, as he conferred in the columns of the Parisian, the same day. If he proved that it was time for him to stop, it’s becausehe explained “too much pain related to the aftermath of his accident. Indeed, when he was 22 years old, he had been the victim of a terrible car accident in the fanl he was the only rescue. By his side, his company at the time, Barbara Liliane Beneli and Enrico Macias’ brother Jean-Claude Ghernassia had lost their lives.

To save Serge Lama, the doctors had to operate on him 14 times. “I started walking eighteen months after this tragedy, the more I suffered all my life. It got unbearable today“, he confessed tired. Despite everything, he did not say no completely to the scene. In revenge, he no longer left on the roads of France during tours. According to him, it is much too tiring. “I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do a farewell party at the Olympia, but touring is no longer within my abilities. I’m too fragile: my left leg is getting worse and worse, and the right has carried my body since the accident fifty-six years ago. That would be one fight too many…“, he added.

Serge Lama no longer goes out much after the arrival of Covid-19

If he no longer has the strength to do so, he also thinks of him and his companion, Luana Santonino. After the arrival of the Covid-19 in France, they are both very careful. Even if there are no more restrictions, they will continue to go out very little. “I don’t go out much anymore. The Covid has made us bunkerized. I had many very successful friends. And Luana took such a fright, given my age, that she closed everything. So I think, I write, I finish the last Modiano, I reread Pierre Loti… I live happily surrounded by my books“, the recall told the interpreter of I am sick.

For his last album, the singer also paid tribute to this song which opened the doors of the Olympia to him on the cover. She is red in color like”like passion, like rag versus fanl runs the bull“, on which the portrait of Serge Lama is drawn in pencil, like the cover of I am sick. “I complete my career with this wink, it’s time for me to stop, available he thus revealed. Today, he wants to think of himself and enjoy his loved ones without having to go to concerts. He still hopes to play his new album in front of his fans, in small rooms to keep an intimate side.

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