Go to the supermarket ? The 10 prices that rose the most last week

OPrices do not let up and continue to rise. In the last week, between September 28 and October 5, the the price of a basket of basic food products has risen to 210.83 euros, 40 cents more than the previous week. The conclusion is drawn from a study of DECO protestwhich reveals that “increases were felt across all food categories”.

Last week, the ten products with the highest price increases were the following:

  1. Tomato pulp (9% more);
  2. Zucchini (8% more);
  3. Spaghetti (7% more);
  4. Onion (plus 7%);
  5. black swordfish (plus 6%);
  6. Leaf lettuce (plus 6%);
  7. Ground roast coffee (plus 4%);
  8. Cod (plus 4%);
  9. Tuna in vegetable oil (plus 4%);
  10. Whole grains (3% more).

Meat and fish are the food categories whose prices have risen the most since the start of the war, according to the organization’s price watch.

“Between February 23 and October 5, fish has already recorded an increase of 18.99% (+ 11.45 euros). Black, bass, sea bream, perch and cod, the consumer may have to pay, on average, 71.76 euros”, specifies DECO Proteste.

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