Portugal will face greater risk of blackouts ‘between November and March’, warns expert

Portugal will face the most critical period in terms of energy “between November and March”, warned this Thursday Clemente Pedro Nunes, professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, in statements to ‘TVI’.

“We have a risk of blackout, physical. According to the information I have, the most critical period of winter will be between November and March,” warned the energy company. “If the government wants to avoid the risk of a blackout, it is to act immediately to be able to reactivate the coal-fired power stations. [do Pego e de Sines]“, he reinforced, a hypothesis that the Government rejects.

“The production of electricity from coal is much cheaper than natural gas, moreover it was like that a year ago. This is why the Spanish government has decided to reactivate coal-fired power plants,” he explained. “Portugal imports enormities from Spain, a value that exceeds 25%, which has never happened. Usually it was 10, 15%,” he said.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, warned last April that this option would lead to more costs for Portuguese consumers and would make the country more dependent on Russia in terms of energy, since ‘it dominates the coal market.

“We do not intend to reactivate the coal-fired power stations which so many times insist that we consider”, guaranteed the minister, to the Assembly of the Republic. An option that “would cost a lot of money”. The official pointed out that “defenders of a dependent economy and delayed decarbonization do not even think about the absurd price that electricity would reach, given its production costs,” he said, adding that “they also did not consider the lack”. of security which would represent a dependence vis-à-vis a market, that of coal, dominated by Russia”.

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