The new perspectives of immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer is the theme of the congress of pediatric oncology

Childhood cancer treatment relies on chemotherapy protocols, but studies show new insights that promise to change the future of pediatric oncology, with better cure rates and fewer side effects, such as CAR-T cell immunotherapy. The GRAACC Hospital, a reference in the treatment of very complex cases of childhood cancer, brings the theme to its International Congress of Pediatric Oncology, which will take place from October 13 to 15 and will bring together specialists to exchange experiences and knowledge on cancer in children. , teenagers and young adults.

CAR-T therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of leukaemias, lymphomas and myelomas, with success rates greater than 50% in the treatment of very advanced diseases. Although widely used abroad, the innovation is very nascent in Brazil. “New technologies are coming to the country, and that’s what we want to showcase. This will be a very important panel, as it paves the way for innovation and new frontiers for increasingly individualized cancer treatments in children and adolescents”, comments Dr. Adriana Seber, coordinator of the center of bone marrow transplant at GRAACC hospital.

The “Immunotherapy in Acute Leukemia” panel will also discuss targeted therapies which, like CAR-T cells, work to get the patient’s immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells. In addition to immunotherapy for leukemias, there will be a symposium at the congress to share international experience with the use of anti-GD-2 immunotherapy to treat high-risk neuroblastoma.

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