“The Portuguese are the last species in the world with love and kindness” – NiT

Philippe Starck: “The Portuguese are the last species in the world with love and kindness”

The designer defied gravity with the new DeltaQ machine, Rise, and revealed, among the praise, what really brought him to Portugal.

Creation of a machine that serves coffee upside down.

“For me, life without gravity is like a monster show. Why respect it, if you don’t have to?” It was with this question that Philippe Starck accepted the invitation to create a new way of coffee. It was for the people that he stayed, but it was the laws of physics that he wanted, with all his devotion, to overthrow. Philippe Starck, 73, has lived in Portugal for ten years, but it was only four years ago that he was given the greatest challenge of his life: that of “reversing gravity”.

It is thanks to the “love, tenderness, kindness, honesty and work” reflected in the “last human species to maintain these values” that the French designer and architect created a product that allowed the Portuguese to see the world upside down and to test the limits to savor coffee.

With works spread all over the world, whether on the facades of the buildings he designed, or on the various household appliances he created, such as the famous citrus juicer, DeltaQ did not hesitate to choose the machine designer who came to revolutionize the way coffee is served. Rise allows coffee to be prepared from the bottom up. Yes, you read that right. Just put the cup down and click a button and the smoothness, flavor and aroma of the coffee will quickly rise above.

Available in white, black and terracotta, the machine is compatible with all DeltaQ capsules and lets you select up to three beverage levels, so there’s no hassle between espresso lovers and Americans. In addition, it allows you not to have to constantly clean the coffee drips that occasionally drip into the machine.

And because coffee is also a moment of conviviality, it was with his friends in mind that he immediately accepted the invitation which would improve the evening’s conversations: “I was very happy when Delta invited me . I was able to work with my friends and my family, in addition on a revolutionary product, ”he tells NiT.

The creative genius was overjoyed when he got the call from Rui Miguel Nabeiro, CEO of Delta. And, although the designer says that “Portugal is his homeland”, the grandson of the company’s founder, Comendador Rui Nabeiro, distinguished himself with the award for merit and excellence during the awards ceremony. Golden Globes, which took place this Sunday, October 2 at Au Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon, he admits that he would go to any corner of the world to create Rise: “When we developed this technology, we says ‘who is the right person to design a completely revolutionary machine?’. The best in the world, which is Philippe Starck”.

Rui Miguel Nabeiro did not fail to qualify the machine as a “turning point” for the brand. At NiT, he shared how the innovation and revolution that have accompanied Delta throughout its 60-year history will “clearly take it to a level” where it was not.

The machine will soon be available in DeltaQ’s physical and online store, in keeping with Philippe Starck’s motto: “I don’t just dream, I achieve”.

Celebrities also wanted to cross the limits

Cristina Ferreira, Luís Borges, Filomena Cautela and many others have not failed to test gravity, trying the tasty coffee taken at Rise. During the event which took place this Tuesday, October 4 at “La Distillerie”, a space dedicated to events in Lisbon, several celebrities gathered to witness the innovation.

Everyone gathered around the table with the three DeltaQ machines, and admiration flooded the faces of Vanessa Martins, Pedro Teixeira and the entire room when Philippe Starck took the groundbreaking first coffee.

Dino D’Santiago, winner of the Golden Globe for “best performer”, also did not miss to give a friendly word and make his own anti-gravity coffee. “The Artist who revolutionized product design with his creative and innovative spirit has given me his latest creation, which will make me look at coffee with pure visual poetry,” the singer wrote on social media.

Click on the gallery to see the faces that were present the day gravity was tested and Philippe Starck can show off his new creation.

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Joana Barrios, Cristina Ferreira and Rui Maria Pêgo. Photography: Inês Lourenço.

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