Bronde, honey balayage, mocha or ash highlights? What are the trendy colors for fall-winter?

The change of seasons presents the perfect opportunity to switch up your style. And especially the head. There really is nothing better to fight the blues of gray days with a beautiful 2022 trendy hair sweep. Balayage is a hair technique that can be used on every hair type and length and also on all colors. It creates a natural feel on lighter hair and creates a nice contrast on brunette hair. So what are the trends to try this fall in sweeping? We help you get an idea:

What is bronde?

hair color trend 2022 bronde

The bronde color is actually a color halfway between blonde and brown. This is the perfect 2022 trendy balayage hair for all cells that want to create dimension in their hair while keeping it very natural.

This technique allows hair to appear blonde in one light and brown in another. If you don’t want to lighten your hair too much but instead want it to look multi-dimensional, then bronde is probably for you to try.

homogeneous scanning

sweeping hair trend 2022 homogeneous fall-winter 2023

The homogeneous sweep is for hair that is rather brown in the roots and lighter towards the tips. However, the shades can vary widely depending on your desires. If you want to give your hair a little more color while still keeping it easy to entertain, you can leave the roots natural in color.

The homogeneous sweep is also perfect for those who have never colored their hair and this will be their first time. This is because the result is not as dramatic and looks really natural. The roots are spared from staining.

Balayage in copper shades

sweeping hair trend 2022 copper fall-winter 2023

If you are looking for a truly remarkable coloring, the 2022 hair trend in copper is the perfect choice. Copper shades are among the most requested women’s hair colors for this year and are becoming more and more popular. Even celebrities love it! This coloring goes very well to women with pale and white skin. In addition, it would highlight your green or blue eyes.

Blonde balayage for ash brown hair

ash brown fall hair color trend

If you are brunette and you want a little change, opt for a golden blonde sweep! Highlights in warm shades give dark hair shine and bounce. For that lush hair effect, you need to ask your hairstylist to use a level 9 modification on your brunette hair.

chocolate mocha hair

hair color fall 2022 mocha chololat highlights

Dark brown hair is often a natural choice for the fall and winter months. However, delicious shades of chocolate mocha give originality and warmth to brunettes. This on-trend balayage is the perfect pick for those who crave rich shades, mocha and warm coffee. This look is among the most popular for fall-winter 2022-2023.

Subtle Cinnamon Highlights

fall color trend 2022 cinnamon highlights

Cinnamon hair color is at the same time super beautiful and very stylish. The technique of highlights on brown hair creates a game of different warm shades. It is a color that is really lovely in the sunlight! Dark blonde or hazelnut brown hair is the perfect base for intense cinnamon locks.

cream blonde

creamy blonde blonde hair balayage 2022

Are you a fan of cooler blonde shades? In this case you will be delighted to discover the creamy vanilla coloring blond ! However, to create this effect, your hairdresser must use different techniques. Babylights all along the sweep should be done to make a more original and multi-dimensional effect.

Honey balayage on brown hair

honey brown hair balayage fall winter 2022

Balayage hair trend 2022 honey creates a very natural effect on brown hair compared to ash balayage. If your hair is chestnut in color, the golden undertones will make your hair look shinier and silkier. It is also a color that really does not require a lot of maintenance. It is a perfect choice for skin with bronze and warm undertones.

Butterscotch Balayage

brown hair honey highlights fall 2022

Lily caramel balayage gold yet toffee butter is a super trendy and beautiful look for the coming season! It’s a balayage that can be done on lots of different hair colors. Also, if you want to ‘warm up’ your summer hair color a bit for fall and winter, this is the perfect choice for you. It doesn’t matter if you only have blonde or brown hair, the copper highlights in this balayage will spice up your look a bit for the cold season.

Espresso hair with caramel highlights

espresso caramel hair highlights modern coloring fall 2022

Caramel highlights on brown hair help create a nice balance between cool and warm undertones. Ash locks are not very flattering for those with warm undertones, so you can opt for a 2022 caramel hair balayage instead. Your hairdresser uses a texture balayage technique to create more dimension in the hair.

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