Google has created a keyboard almost two meters long. To understand!

Although we are used to a certain concept of keyboard, the truth is that there may be others that perform the same or even better in terms of practicality. In this sense, Google has created a new concept with almost two meters in length.

Even if it sounds like a joke, go to the article and understand everything!

Google Keyboard

Keyboards are an important, almost essential, element in the body of computers. Nowadays, in addition to the varied layouts, we know a world of possibilities, with colors, compact keyboards, with and without digital, membrane and mechanical... there is something for everyone.

Now Google has gone further and developed a 1.65 meter long concept. Named GBoard Bar, this option is distinguished by its particular design, according to which the keys are all arranged in a single row. Apparently, if the user has good arms, this format allows him to find the keys more quickly.

The idea originated in Japan, where Google officials were inspired by the Japanese word for "keyboard", "kii-bou-do". For years, the industry focused its attention on -kii (key) and abandoned, to some extent, -bou (slash). Therefore, this new device translates into a single row of keys, which follows the QWERTY layout: first, the letters; then the numbers; third, the item and function keys; and finally, on the right, Entrance.

Although Google has published instructions for using the keyboard, in GitHub, warned that it "is not an officially endorsed product" by you. Also, while it's technically possible to build it, it could just be a casual idea from Google, with no intention of being marketed.

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