Fuels are increasing again this week. Know how much you will pay to certify

After four weeks of decline, fuel prices will rise from this Monday: in the main national oil companies, “the evolution of quotations in euros points to a price increase of up to 2.5 cents per liter of diesel, while gasoline 95 will rise”. 1.5 cents,” an industry source told Multinews.

The trend is also repeated at private label petrol stations – which normally operate alongside hypermarkets – with “a sharp increase of 0.0214 euros per liter of diesel, while 95 petrol will register the same trend, too up sharply, by 0.0192 euros,” another source said.

So, after all, filling a tank with 60 liters of diesel still costs 1.5 euros. In gasoline version, it will undergo an increase of 1.2 euros.

The upward trend beats a record four consecutive weeks of decline, according to official data from the DGEG (General Directorate for Energy and Geology). It should be recalled that diesel last week held at a higher value than that of petrol 95 (€1,737/l against 1,688).

Still according to data from the DGEG, it appears that the average price of simple diesel rose this Thursday to 1.735 euros per liter and the average price of simple gasoline 95 to 1.683 euros per liter. Average prices refer to data provided by over 2,400 stations nationwide and include discounted prices.

This fuel price update takes into account the value of a barrel of Brent on international markets. For several weeks, the barrel of oil has been trading at a low level. After the peak reached in the first moments of the war in Ukraine, when oil reached a value of 140 dollars per barrel, which drove fuel prices to record highs, the price of this “black gold” is currently lower. .

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