Warpaws and the eternal “war” between dogs and cats

The relationship between dogs and cats is usually… troubled, isn’t it? One can almost say that canines and felines are in a permanent state of war and this is precisely what Warpaws intends to present.

Come and discover a little better this game in which cats and dogs fight in a way never seen before.

Developed by the Danish studios Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games, Warpaws is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) war, in which the warring factions are: cats and dogs.

With weapons and units inspired by those used during World War II, Warpaws promises strategy, action and round-the-clock fun.

I believe that this game can definitely answer the question "Who is stronger? Dogs or cats?".

Warpaws invites players to discover the answer to this question in an extremely humorous way and under a cartoonish presentation which, despite this more relaxed aspect, presents intense and challenging gameplay.

Each faction, whether canine or feline, will have its units with their respective strengths and specific attacks and as general of their forces, the player will have to know how to use them wisely and with some tactical sense. Only with good strategy and good planning can you win.

There are about 16 different units in conflict, and the clashes will take place in 5 different types of scenarios (Desert, Polar, Lava, City, Archipelago). The player can use spies for secret missions, or on the contrary, use units armed with bazookas to blow everything up in front. And even engineers exist for certain occasions.

The scenarios will also have a part of intervention in the game and can be used to get the best of our opponents. For example, when enemy forces meet on the ice of a frozen lake, if we break the ice, the enemy troops will disappear into the icy waters.

With so many units with their respective specializations, Warpaws will also feature a leveling system that can be both an upgrade to characters and their abilities.

Warpaws features a single-player campaign mode and several multiplayer modes. Two players can join forces in co-op to battle the AI, play against each other, or engage in a fight to see who is king of the hill.

"As big fans of Bitmap Brothers' Z, we've always loved the idea of ​​making our own strategy game that's more about action and combat than resource management.said Daniel Mortensen, game director at Slipgate Ironworks. "Warpaws is our chance to make that dream come true, and we sincerely hope everyone enjoys the game the way we enjoyed developing it.

Warpaws will be released in the first quarter of 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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